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  1. Rick nagengast ⋅

    Love this station.Refreshing.verse by verse chapter by chapter with understanding.So rare.Only other like it that I know is SHEPHERDS CHAPEL out of Arkansas.Pastor Arnold Murry on ABC at 5 am here in northern Michigan.Thank you so much for you this station for bringing Gods word to us with it.😘


  2. Bridgette Todd ⋅

    Mark13records I am so blessed to have found your channel and website. You have connected so many dots for me. And have helped me to assure that I will not be decieved. The holy spirit recently tapped me on the shoulder. I was killing myself working 60 hrs a week 6 days. I was suffering spiritually. Considering quitting my job to work on my spiritual life. Then I got the opportunity to move to first shift. I went for two days and realized what I really needed to do is quit my job and spend all my time studying the word. I was so convicted in my soul I cried for a whole day. When I looked at our selfish, gluttonous,world. My heart cried for Jesus. How I’ve fell short,serving him. I thought about if I was as worried about saving my soul as well as sharing it with others as i was working for this beast system. But in my search for Truth I realized it was set up that way and for that exact reason. In that moment I also realized why I have had to go through all that I have in this world. And why we are to rejoice in our trials and tribulations. I now rejoice because I know I was built for this coming tribulation. Honestly with all of the christan persicution going on I was trying to figure out how to strap the word onto my body. I know we are to hide the word in our heart but with all these preepers trying to hoard food and water. All I was concerned with was having God’s word as a reference. I really want to create a survival bible with water proof pages small enough to hide on my person. Now that I’m no longer a slave to the system and a true servent of the Lord I don’t have the money. Also I would love to support your ministry because you have helped me more than you will ever know. So my heart felt thank you will have to do. I believe you will appreciate that. I was having a hard time finding peace then God led me to your channel. Now i completely walk by faith. I found peace knowing I am one of God’s elect,and that I have the seal. Thank you for your service.


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